Thursday, September 1, 2011

64. Sleep. Sleep is good.

I did the last two days of the challenge. I promise. You can even check the timestamp on my pictures (which I have no idea how to do).

I decided yesterday that sleeping was more important than blogging. So happy I made that decision, because it was well worth it.

Day 17 here had good intentions, but it was a little warm for the blazer in the office. Weird, I know. This was a weird J. Crew blazer that I measured myself correctly for, but still ended up being too big. It's been shortened? I think? And buttons moved. It's a little better, but still looks way better open than closed. Dress is Vero Moda.

And no cropping of pictures tonight. Because I didn't feel like it. Day 18 was statement jewelry. The piece I wanted to use for 17/18 together has yet to be fixed, because I can't find glue strong enough to hold it together. I quite liked this outfit. Cardigan is from Target, random white tank, new black capri's from Smart Set. And my so pretty new shoes. I forgot to get a close-up of my necklace before I changed, so here it is against a stolen tee from boyfriend. I think my Uncle got this for me in New Mexico? I was in a big dolphin phase when I was younger.

I'll be returning to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow! Stay tuned! :P

Til next time!

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