Friday, September 23, 2011

74. Swirls and wind.

I really do love this hair. And this skirt. And where I took these photos, good location. You can't even see the strawberry juice spots on my shirt! Win! Also, although I didn't do it all myself, this still counts as a refashion for this weeks' Visual FBFF!

Shirt - Old Navy / Cardigan - Tommy Hilfiger / Dress turned into skirt - H&M / Booties - Naturalizer

Another day of work, another cute outfit. If only I could have shown it to people! There's a serious problem with the lack of heat in my office. A tale for another day. When it comes to moving, definitely choose clothes you're comfortable. Fabrics like cotton and jersey are comfortable but can look very polished in the right cut. This skirt is a great example of that. My personal seamstress, my mother, fixed it for me. It went from dress that didn't like to agree with me on windy days to the perfect kind of skirt. This material and print is flirty and swirly enough to be fun, but easily worn along as well.

Head over to Relatable Style, for which this posting is a guest post! Not sure when it will be posted, but it's my first guest post and I'm excited all the same! Or, check out Adventures in Refashioning to see how everyone re-fashioned their looks!

Til next time!

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