Thursday, September 8, 2011

69. An updated obsession

So, since I haven't had time to take my Project 52 pictures, I figured I'd do a long overdue polish post! My nails are not happy with me, I think they're still recovering from the stress of school. All brittle and breaking at the ends. It's clearing up now after much buffing and filing, but not quite back to normal. Here's a few reviews of some polishes I've tried out. In no way chronological because I don't change my nails that often, so they build up. I'm trying to make this a monthly thing, which clearly didn't work since the last time I did one of these posts was May. Oh well. Enjoy the pretty!

So case and point, this was back in March. Borrowed this from a friend since I didn't have any glorious green polish myself. I tried to make a shamrock, and failed, so half a white nail it became. This is Essie Pretty Edgy. I don't know why it's not named in relation to a clover or shamrock or something, but I guess that's just me! Took at least 3 coats with this polish. I always find Essie polishes to be a good formula but always thin, which can get annoying.

This is a little more recent, from June. This is one of the first two CG polishes I bought. Spontaneous is a very bright purple, but the tone changes depending on the light. It's a bluer purple most of the time. This itty-bitty bit of nail design involved CG White on White and Shocking Pink. I wanted to do all ten nails but my patience isn't that good.

I've owned this one for a while. It's a Sephora by OPI called "And a Cherry on Top". Did this back in April, for a friend's birthday. I love a good bright red. The formula is a lot thinner than other OPI's regular one. I do enjoy it, I think it lasted alright.

I bought this one out of boredom. I wanted to do my nails while home one weekend and realized all the old colors in my Mom's mini stash were separated or ugly. So I overpaid for this Sally Hansen Ultra HD polish at the local drugstore, telling myself I could use it at home whenever I'm out. I like it in theory but it's not nearly as high-def as it should be. This particular shade is Wavelength, which I could not remember and just had to Google for 10 minutes to find. It's nice but I think the other shades are probably a better buy.

I'm currently working on getting my photos done, and hope to have another polish post soon!

Til next time!

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