Monday, September 5, 2011

66. Pretty shoes

I've got several pretty pairs of "Sunday shoes" as Kayla calls them. I don't really classify in that way as such, but definitely have pretty shoes that don't see the light of day much.

Cardi - Stitches
White tank (which blends in to my skin) - Urban Planet
Dress - f21 (third remix wear!)
Shoes - Spring
Polish - Essie Sole Mate

So I've learned my lesson with picture timing. Sun may be nice but it's not a good look for OOTD pictures. I look so pale. I am, but I look more pale lol. Not a good thing.

I really like these shoes but never wear them. The heel throws me off. I bought them on sale in 2008? They went out of style but the mod look is coming back now. Kind of interesting how trends always loop back around.

Til next time!

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