Tuesday, August 30, 2011

63. Look like a boy?

Yet again, Kayla managed to stump me (at least I thought). Day 16 = Menswear. Really? Where am I supposed to find menswear inspired clothes among my tank-tops and skirts and dresses? I thought I'd be left to steal one of boyfriend's watches and call it a day..
And then I googled it. I have so much stuff that works!

Since I've recently been working in the professional world, I have many tailored pieces that fit in with the menswear theme. Pencil skirts are favourite of mine, therefore I decided to take my inspiration from Jayma Mays of Glee for this look!
I know, we're twins.


Shirt - Heritage 21 / Tank - Garage / Skirt - Suzy Shier / Pearls - costume jewelry, stolen from Mom
Shoes - Clarks / Nail Polish - CND Taffy Pink / Belt - Joe Fresh

I actually love this. Like, really truly sincerely love it. I would have liked some bright pink lipstick to pair with it now that I'm seeing the pictures, but I'm not that brave haha. I love the mix of masculine colors but feminine cuts. And the fact that I managed to set it off with pink just makes me so happy. My love of pink is still going strong. 

More good news, my blister on my heel is almost gone! That shows me what happens when I go exercising; I get injuries. I am so lazy that my body actually manages to hurt itself. I plan on showing my feet who's boss once the blister heals. I need as much fresh and semi-warm air as I can get while it's still almost summer like here. 

Til next time!

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