Sunday, August 28, 2011

61. Inspire me!

I thought this challenge day was going to be easy. I read so many blogs that it should be a breeze to find an outfit to copy, right? Wrong. I got so stumped looking for one. I have no favourite outfits saved, I have not a single picture tagged as inspiration. I looked and looked and every outfit I saw had no similar pieces to my wardrobe. Well, very few and not many that I felt like wearing. I decided to rely on an old stand-by of a blog that first inspired me.

Tee - F21
Dress - F21, 2nd wear of remix item!
Belt - unknown?

Liz of Scholar Style Guide was a big help in changing the way I viewed clothes. The girls of the SSG helped me to see how things could be remixed or worn differently than I had ever thought of doing. Her belting and using dress-as-skirt tutorial benefited me the most. Here's the link to the post [link]

source: scholar style guide
Though they have closed the blog and stopped updating, I frequently check back for inspiration or ideas for an outfit. I can attribute several pieces of my wardrobe, such as my cognac boots and thick black belt, to outfits seen on their site. Like Kayla said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Check in with me this week for the last week of the 21 day challenge! I'm heading back to work so it's going to be interesting to incorporate each prompt with work appropriate wear!

Til next time!

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