Wednesday, August 24, 2011

56. Change of plans

I'd hoped to stay out home for a couple more days. Due to some health circumstances I had to come back in town. It's all good now thankfully, I've got things sorted. My parents were on their way in yesterday as well so I had a driving buddy (a.k.a. my mom drove me and my dad drove my car).

Didn't get a chance to blog at all yesterday, just too tired. Long day, but I did participate! I'm glad I remembered, but it was weird not to blog since I've been doing so well. I liked the combination of the dark blues in this outfit. My most monochromatic outfits usually happen with jeans, I'm really drawn to blues as you can see through my challenge posts! The pictures suck, due to leaving my camera remote home, and how quickly these were taken. Boo.

strange glare on glasses + low camera angle = cropping my head out.

Off to get some errands done. Boyfriend has left the province to visit some family, I kind of miss him already, it's gonna be weird without him! Excited about the fact that next time I see him I'll be going to T.O.! The countdown begins!

Til next time!

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