Thursday, August 25, 2011

57. Orphans

Challenge day 10 is saving a closet orphan. Maybe somewhat unfortunately, I don't have many orphans in my closet anymore. A lot of my clothes tends to be cheap, like my endless collection of F21 shirts, so I do a clear-out of my clothes every few months. Things that don't fit or are stained get tossed out. I'm left with much more useful clothes this way, but this challenge becomes a little more difficult!

Jacket - Old Navy
Tank - Urban Planet
Jeans - Stitches

I was thinking comfort for today's challenge, so I broke out the old Old Navy track jacket. Bought in 2004 I think? Lots of old clothes from Old Navy in my closet now that I think about it. I had better ideas, clothing that I've abandoned but shouldn't have, but they're all in my parents home. Forgot to bring any of it back in. More quick shots today, cropping my face out might be a common theme this week.

Til next time!

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