Monday, August 22, 2011

55. They be linin' down the block just to watch what I got

Sequin tank - stolen
Purple tank - Urban Planet
Skirt - Old Navy, circa 2003
Sandals - Spring
Necklace - Fluorspar pendant

I have no idea why, but for some reason thinking of today's outfit reminds me of Fergie's Fergalicious. Today's Challenge, day 8 thank you very much, is mix fancy and casual. I was sure that Fergie had a song called Fancy, apparently I made that up in my head. Nonetheless, this outfit is, as Will.I.Am says, t-a-s-t-e-y. I love me some sequins. No idea where this shirt is actually from, as it was given to me by a bestie to convince me to go out dancing with her. I accepted the shirt and the invitation of course. I haven't worn it out in the day but I think with the right accessories it looks pretty awesome don't you?

I think fancy and casual is something I do a lot more than I realize. I'm always choosing jeans with a nice shirt to dress it up. Or wearing nice jewelry with plain tees. I changed three times, first jeans then cut-off jeans before choosing the skirt. It's so nice out today, and so weird that it's not the first day this week. I was thinking about getting my old grad dress out and putting a tee over it, but I thought I might get some funny looks. Once again, a reminder to head on over to Freckles In April to see how everyone else is doing with the Challenge! One week finished!

P.S. Because I know you're going to get it stuck in your head, here's the Fergalicious video. You're welcome.

P.P.S. I'm trying to do some formatting on my blog, putting in a navigation bar at the top but I'm completely useless. Can anyone help?

Til next time!

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