Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project 52: Week 28 & 29

The theme for Week 28 is Sweet Relief. I like that the themes are broad enough that you can take the literal meaning or go somewhere totally outside the box and creative. I tend to stick with a more literal meaning, but looking through the Flickr group is so inspiring!

Okay, this one was taken a day early, but that's what busy weeks do to you...I forget to take pictures sometimes! This fits so well I'm just going to bend the rules anyways. Not like it's my first time exactly :P This was taken in Bannerman Park while I was on the swingset, just being childish and having too much fun at a playground. So needs to happen more this summer!

Week 29's photo is "Get In Close". Being that I'm a huge fan of macro photography, it surprised me that I didn't end up doing something macro. I had a photo taken in mind, but due to it being on my Mom's camera I don't have access to the file! This one summarizes my weekend home though. I was out for the MIL's 50th birthday. Lots of family to meet, lots of pictures taken, very few outfit shots (though I was bringing my A-game to impress the in-laws). I can't help but always take pictures of the decorations, and that's where this came from!

Til next time! 

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