Tuesday, July 19, 2011

47. Things on my mind...

I'm annoyed because I have to study. Too annoyed. There's about 3 weeks left to my term, my last midterm is tomorrow, and then 5 finals to do one right after the other. I'll be taking a short hiatus on blogging. Studying comes first unfortunately. Cannot wait to get back to another workterm in the fall to have more time to blog and comment and read all of my favourite blogs!

In honour of my persistent annoyed state, or maybe despite it, I decided to make a list of 5 things that I need to be grateful and happy about. And things I can look forward to once this stupid semester is over!

1. Newfoundland's cool summer. This can sometimes be the most frustrating one. Below is the forecast for the next week. For those Americans reading, that means the highest temperature that I'm going to be seeing in the near future is 68 F. I need to love this fact, as I can't change it. The bright side is I don't have to worry about melting or not sleeping cause I'm too warm. This is a good thing. And I get to wear all my pretty sweaters all year round. Also good, right?

2. I'm almost finished another semester. This is also quite frustrating, not the being almost finished but the semester itself. I was told summer semester was death and I've realized that is very true. At least I'm almost done. Only 2 required courses after these 5, and even if I'm doing kind of crappy I'm still passing. With a B. A low B, but I take what I can get when historically a lot of people fail out from this term.

3. Boyfriend is still home. He drives me insane sometimes. I love him dearly, but he's a boy. That's just how it goes. But having him home is such a good thing because he takes care of the cleaning and basic running of the house while I study and go to school. I forget to eat and shower and take care of basic human functions at times like this. He will keep me going, make me eat and stay out of my way when I'm on a studying induced rage. I treasure this boy, and need reminding about how awesome he is sometimes.

4. I see my parents all the time. My parents have been back and forth a lot in the last few months. Dad's on dialysis now and thankfully for now it's working. I don't like that I hadn't been home in so long, but I get to see them alot. Being an only child makes me a giant sook. Their trips in may not be for good reasons, but Dad's health sucks and I have to look at the bright side of that one: he's doing alright for now and I get to spend more time with both of them.

5. I get a summer vacation. It may be short, but I get to have one between semester and my workterm. I don't know where I'll be working, but I know some of the things I'm going to do in my time off. Driving across NL to see my Grandma is one of the better ones. I haven't been to my Mom's hometown about 8 years, and since then a lot has changed. I'm looking forward to going back and seeing everything in a different perspective. And I can't forget September. I'll be working by that point but boyfriend and I are going to see Keith Urban in Toronto. He's so excited, it's adorable. I'm pretty excited too. This will actually be our first trip, just the two of us. Haven't been on one of those outside NL yet. Should be interesting.

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I need to stop my complaining sometimes. All these things rock! And now...off to study!

Til next time!

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