Wednesday, June 1, 2011

37. I heart Sheldon Cooper.

shirt - delia's / jeans - guess / tank - urban planet?

I love Sheldon. I've become hopelessly addicted to Big Bang, and I try to make everyone that I can love it as much as me. Boyfriend now has two seasons and a somewhat matching t-shirt. I found this when I was in Bangor at Delia's. How could I say no? It's Sheldon's catch phrase and so so good. I bought a Mario shirt for my bestie at the same time, so I got it semi-on-sale. Which means I definitely couldn't leave it behind. 

This wasn't from today, I am sad to say. I'm a bit behind on outfit posts, but I like having a few ready to post. I don't do it every day since I don't wear things that are bloggable every day. Yesterday, case and point, was a study day and consisted of sweatpants and hoodies. That said, they're expensive & well-fitting sweatpants, but you don't want to see that, do you? (and they're not lululemon. I actually don't own one piece of clothing from there. strange? maybe...but Boyfriend is trying to wear me down. he's got a sweater and says I should have one too. Maybe I'll give in, maybe not) I'll assume no and keep trying to dress better despite my non-summer I'm having. Here's hoping for hot!!!

I had to post another picture. This is my super howl-y neighbour dog. One of them. Two basset hounds, super fat but annoying. Except when they waddle out and start being fat and cute. Then I melt a little. I like wrinkly dogs.

Til next time!

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