Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project 52: Week 19 & 20

Almost caught up! I only have this week's picture left to takeeee. Yayyyyy.

Week 19: Window Light. Car wash in my Dad's new antique. Sounds better than new old car. I love how the foam splatters on, did not love how the windows leak slightly though. I guess that's what happens when the car is a '77.

Week 20: Spring Fever. This is from a OOTD session a few weeks back, but this epitomizes spring/summer for me. My parents were in, and my mother did laundry and took advantage of the clothesline. This to me means that spring is here, and summer is on the way. Memories like this, of bedsheets hanging full length from my mother's line at home, are all throughout my childhood. Plus, I love her for doing my laundry!!!

All caught up now :) Tomorrow I'll be posting the coming week, Need for Speed! I wonder what I'll be capturing this week...

Til next time!

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