Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion-Beauty Friend Friday: Hair Care

This week I'm posting a little later than usual. That's alright, right? It's all about hair. I'm a bit funny about my hair. I've got a love-hate relationship with it, because it's got a mind of it's own. I love my hair short or long, red or blonde, and I like it curled more than straight. That last one, believe me, is quite a feat. Here's my answers to this week's questions!

Current hair. Not showing length, but previous posts do!

right: july 09, short with leftover bad dye job. left: dec 10, red with blonde highlights

1. How often do you get your hair cut?
This one depends on what color my hair is at the time. I'm in a long hair with blonde highlights stage, so every 2 months or so I'm getting touched up with a slight trim. At least every couple of years I do a big cut. I've become addicted to growing my hair long just for the sake of cutting it. Literally. I chopped it off after my high school grad, and grew it again. The next summer I chopped it to my chin. It's been two years since that, with few big cuts in between. That said, I get a few inches taken off most visits.

2. Do you go to the same stylist each time, try someone new, go to the cheap hair cutting chains or live it up in a salon?
I am religiously devoted to my hairdresser. She's a woman from my hometown, and she's so so wonderful. She knows my parents, she did my mom's hair for her wedding, and she is magical with my hair. Once she finally understood what it will and will not do, she made it obey in a way I still can't make it do. I'll do a salon when she decides to give it up, but for now I go only to her.

3. Do you color your hair? How often? What’s your natural color?
I currently have blonde highlights, not natural in the least. My natural color is interspersed throughout my hair. It's a darker blonde with slightly reddish gold undertones. I get my hair done every 6 weeks-2 months lately. Depending on what I have in my hair I can go months. I usually go for semi-permanents and about every 3 months I change it up.

4. The one thing you always do to keep your hair looking great is:
NEVER EVER DYE IT YOURSELF. I did that once and screwed my hair over so bad. I had to promise said hairdresser I would never do it again. That, and I don't overprocess my hair. It's not healthy to fry it with straighteners or curling irons. 

5. What hair trend do you love and wish you could rock?
I'd love to have really short hair, like a pixie cut. I don't think I could pull it off where my face is square/round-ish. Plus I like having at least some hair as a security blanket. It's nice to have.

I love playing with hair, especially since I've gotten better at doing my own. Yay me! I could have put so many more pictures, but I didn't want to do overkill. Plus I look stupid in a lot of them, so there's that.

Til next time!

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