Thursday, May 26, 2011

35. Don't you love it when time runs away?

So, this past weekend, I had a lot of fun. I posted about that on Sunday. Then, on Sunday I realized how much studying I had to do and died a little inside. The test was yesterday, the assignment was due today. Two courses I do not like at all. I contemplated posting on Tuesday, but I had two chapters left and a lot of questions to do. School unfortunately trumps my blog. Sad :(

shirt - urban planet, $6 / jeans - f21, $11.50

I've become less useless with my own hair. It's nice. This is straightener curls. I was so confused the first time I tried, and now I am a masterrrr.This was my pre-drinking outfit. I have lots of pictures from that night, but if I post them I may be killed. If it ever leaks that I've posted them.

Til next time!
Off to work on some cover letters! The job competition begins again...blech.

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