Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 52: Week 17 & 18

So I'm only a couple of weekends behind. That's not bad, considering I was on vacation. I allow it, since I did take a couple of the pictures while I was on vacay. Scheduled posting when the pictures are supposed to be taken in a time limit isn't so easy. So, I'll shut up now, and here's weeks 17 and 18!

Week 17: Princess for a Day! This one's taken with my Blackberry, excuse the photo quality. This was pedi's my Aunts and I had while I was in Moncton. I think any pampering or spa treatments like this make you feel like a princess! My color is my favourite, it's OPI Cajun Shrimp. Now to find it...

Week 18: First thing in the Morning. Now, ideally I would have liked to get to Cape Spear to get the sunrise. That did not happen. This is definitely out of order but it's the closest to first thing as I get haha.

On the way to Bangor
That's it for now! Still trying to catch up! 

Til next time!

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