Sunday, May 22, 2011

34. Lazy Sunday

I love 3-day weekends. Did I mention I have them all the time? I should probably do homework, or blog, or at least do something productive with that extra day. I decided to drink instead, and therefore used my extra day to recover! I think that counts as productivity. Maybe.

Here's an outfit from earlier this week. This is another new addition to my closet, bought by my Aunt for me. I'm loving the ultra-preppy look lately. I think it works on me for some reason. This one's from Tommy.

I love how my backyard looks summery, even if the sun refuses to shine sometimes. Cannot wait to wear shorts here. Jeans are bluenotes, missized hand-me-down from an Aunt. Flats are are Indigo by Clarks.

Maybe I do like this outfit posting thing. I'm not that great at putting together outfits, but maybe if I post them more I'll get better at it! Here's hoping...

Til next time!

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