Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion-Beauty Friend Friday: Pet Peeves

Biggest pet peeve of mine right now? My new laptop being possessed. It posts without me telling it to, Blogger hardly ever works, and I'm annoyed with there being no separate button for right clicking! It's driving me insane!!!!
if I didn't love it so much, I'd kill it.

However, this post is not about my personal pet peeves. It's my biggest pet peeves for other blogs I visit. There can be many different things for different people depending on your own personal taste. Here's a few of my top annoyances!

1. Music that plays when you enter the page. I think most people can agree with this one. It's super annoying to pop on to a blog and try to look around when suddenly you're blasted with their all time favourite hits! It's great to incorporate videos or other music on your blog, but it shouldn't be playing automatically. Not everyone has the same taste.

2. Weird, hard to read font. This one's just a personal thing. I don't like seeing strange or funky font. I find it distracting from the posts when I'm confused about what it says. This goes for small print, too light or too similar to the background as well. Your readers need to be able to read what you're saying!

3. The same pose 15 times in the same post. Having a few shots of your outfit is essential when you're posting an OOTD on your blog. But having the exact same pose with the exact same outfit, not changing anything like accessories by removing or adding, can get a little boring. I'm only now getting into posting outfits so while I am by no means an expert, I know what I like seeing on other blogs.

4. Photos that aren't clear. Assuming you're a style blogger, photos are a big thing. I hate having to try and decipher my way through a post, especially when you talk about one item specifically and don't show it clearly! None of the blogs that I follow do this, but a few on the Glamour Young&Posh are very guilty of it. Photos need to clearly show the outfit and be appropriately adjusted to show what it looks like. Editing can make a big difference to the color, as shown to me earlier this week when I was complimented on my red hair (haven't been red since last year). I now realize natural light is much better for photography. If only everyone could realize it!

5. General spelling mistakes or other problems with formatting. This is so huge for me. I hate grammar or spelling mistakes. They drive me insane. Possibly because of my OCD that I'm pretty sure I have. Things shouldn't be cluttered or mis-aligned or all over the place! The Blogger templates keep things pretty easy. And if you don't use Blogger, find someone who can help fix it!

There's my peeves. I have a few more that annoy me, but I think these are my top 5. Head on over to Modly Chic to see what everyone else in the FBFF community says! I'll hopefully have another OOTD post up soon, but tonight I planning on drinking away my problems ignoring life for a while. Happy-21st-Birthday-weekend number two to me!

Til next time!

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