Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion-Beauty Friend Friday: Shoes!

Hello all! I'm back from vacation, rested somewhat, and with a full suitcase of new clothes that has yet to make it into my closet. I'm going on an organizing binge today and I am very afraid. I have a lot of stuff and apparently much less room in my closet than I realized. Unfortunately my only shoe purchase on vacay was a pair of super cute yellow H&M sandals. I didn't have nearly enough room to go shoe shopping. My suitcase was at 47.5 lbs on my return (limit is 50!) and very full. I'll be updating my shoe collection soon I hope! On to the questions for this week!

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes? 
My go-to's are definitely my Clarks Indigo flats. I took a long time to really get into wearing flats, because my feet have a tendency to blister when I wear anything. I've had them for two years almost, and I can still get blisters if I wear them too long. Apart from my stupid feet, they're a really great shoe. Appropriate for work or school and just a great neutral flat. Everyone needs to have a pair like this!

Terrible cropped picture because I'm too lazy to move and take a new one.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?
Shoe buying for me is usually out of several purposes: I have to replace worn out shoes (usually sandals or flipflops) I need shoes for another purpose (work) or I'm lacking and want something new. Price and comfort are the biggest things for me. I need to get decent shoes at not too ridiculous of a price, and they need to be useful. I've got a couple pairs of heels I don't wear much, so heels aren't something I'd spend a lot of money on. Flats and boots are my favourites so they get priority.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?
I'd have to say black, but I really don't have all that many shoes in the first place. Winter stuff is dark, black/navy/purple. Couple of white sneakers, and a few pretty flats, which I plan to show soon. 

4. When it comes to design shoes what are your favorite brands and why?
I may as well be an old woman. I love Clarks, I do. They're super comfortable and they wear really well. I tend to steer away from cheap shoes that are on trend but will fall apart after a few wears. Steve Madden's for me luckily have lasted pretty well though they're more trendy. My sneaker brands, not that I do much exercising, are Nike and New Balance. Good walking shoes for when I travel, or when I used to in high school. Sigh.

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?
Oh dear. I would have such a beautiful collection. I'd love to have more heels and tall boots but they're not feasible for my lifestyle. Jimmy Choos, or Louboutins are on top of my list. Love love loveeeee. Top photo are Choos, credit to their website. Bottom are Louboutins, image from Net-a-porter.

 Drool. I wish I had money to waste on shoes! Oh well, maybe in the future. Off to clean up!

Til next time!

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