Saturday, April 30, 2011

28. A little vacation.

Hello all! I'm interrupting my slight hiatus to give an update. Easter Sunday was atypical for me, my parents were in town and I flew out of province! I flew into Halifax with an aunt of mine, P, to visit another aunt, D, for a little over a week.

We left Monday for Bangor and stayed a couple of nights, some serious shopping took place. Outlets and other American stores I can't get back home are so addictive and easy to spend money in (I'm looking at you, Express). I'm back in Moncton now, at D's house, for a few days. P left this morning so we're having a lazy day of things. 5 days straight of shopping can really do you in. Or in my case, fill my suitcase to the brink of stuffed. I wasn't completely done but I think I might have to be.

I think that's it for now. I have very few pictures from the trip, shopping isn't the best for photos sometimes. Especially when neither aunt is very sure using the DSLR. Hoping to get a few more pics before I leave, but no new outfit shots yet. It's packed in very tight and staying there til I reach NL again. I'll get back to regular posting by next Friday, as I'm still here til Wednesday. So many pretty clothes to show. If I can manage to get a few minutes in the next couple days I'll post my Project 52, not within the schedule but still done!

Til next time!

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