Wednesday, May 18, 2011

33. Classes are draining.

All that thinking and learning I'm supposed to be doing? It's a lot of work! My brain isn't happy with me making it think. School is not fun and books are not cheap. I've got one left to get, and I've spent $300 so far. I hate how expensive textbooks are.

In better news, here's a review type post of my new favourite obsession; nail polish! I have so many favourite colors and I do keep it pretty simple most of the time, no fancy designs or anything. Here's a few of my favourites from the last couple of months :)

This one is a great neon orange, a Sally InstaDri called Snappy Sorbet. This is so bright and it's really hard to get a true picture! It's sometimes more coral/orange/pink depending on the light. This one is pretty close to daylight, taken on my Blackberry with flash. I found this pretty good, very summery. Only downfall was the staining that occured on my nails. It's still there a month later, which was uncool. The formula is good, I looove the wide brush.

These two polishes are from China Glaze. I know, my pictures suck. I like taking polish pictures on my Blackberry, with the bottle, and that isn't conducive to my lighting at home. To the left is "For Audrey" and right is "White on White". I love both of these. I love all CG posts really. They're really nice, and pretty colors, and good formula. I usually have to use three coats, just since I don't have doing my nails down yet. I get them at my local Sally Beauty store, and the price isn't bad either, only around 6-7 a bottle. Considering the size I think that's pretty good.

My last mani is not one I did myself. I had seen a lot about CND Shellac mani's and I thought they were just about the coolest thing ever. Polish that lasts three weeks? Yes please. I got it done at the Winterholme Spa, and I was not disappointed. I chose a light color, I would probably go darker or brighter if I did it again. I found there was no damage to my nails except a few dry spots. I peeled mine off instead of going back to the spa, and again it did no damage to my nails. That said, my nails are pretty strong anyways.

So that's it for today! If you're like me and want to look at all kinds of nail polish swatches, I'd suggest checking out Scrangie, Let them Have Polish! or Kayla at Beauty by Kayla Shevonne! Kayla is a great one to check out, and a fellow NL'er at that! Definitely check her out, she's got a huge giveaway full of all kinds of goodies!

Til next time!

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