Tuesday, May 17, 2011

32. Now I'm legal everywhere!

Oh the irony of my life. The past two birthdays that I've had of significance, as in meeting the legal drinking age to be exact, were celebrated in the country opposite where it mattered. I turned 19 in the states, where the drinking age is 21, and turned 21 yesterday in Newfoundland where I'm already legal. Kind of amusing, no? I think it calls for another trip to Florida to buy cheap alcohol and not having to remember my age when thinking about my drink order.

Thank you to those who wished me a Happy Birthday! I had quite an interesting day but relaxing and good nonetheless. My dad is now on his dialysis and gone home, which is really the best present I could have asked for at the moment.

In honour of my birthday, and to show off some new purchases, I've decided to up my frequency of OOTD posts. I love posting and having things to post, and I've also decided to stop cropping and blurring myself out. I like being able to see a blog owner's face and I think most people would agree it helps establish connections. I may not always look decent but that's okay too. I'm not going to make myself out to be anything other than what I am; lazy. :) 

outfit from my birthday supper.
Hi :)
scarf - street vendor in florence / shirt & jeans - f21 / cardi - tommy
you'll have to excuse my face. I'm not used to this.

first day o' school.
cardi - target / tank & shirt - f21 / jeans - bluenotes, really old.

such a pretty pattern!

As I tried to pick out pictures for this post, I realized I do not give good face most of the time. Last night's pictures are a disaster. I like natural light much more. I promise, I look better than this some of the time. And the no make-up face is something to get used to. I avoid make-up mainly all the time. And comments on pictures? More? Less? One outfit per post? No face? More faces? Let me know! Please!

I think that's it for today! I'm off to class again at 12:30, I didn't want to wait around campus during my break. So many things to do later, mainly cleaning. And organizing. And groceries. My fridge is pretty empty. And doing something else with my nails, I painted them white and they're very distracting on my keyboard. More of than later!

Til next time!

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