Sunday, May 15, 2011

31. I need to catch up.

I've supposedly posted this three times without realizing what buttons I'm pressing. I am not used to the new laptop yet, apparently. Still! I've had it a month after all. Instead of writing out paragraphs of what's going on, I'm doing this is point form. I have a lot on the go. First the outfits though,one of my last work days then travel outfit on the way back from NB. New clothes posts need to start soon, once I start wearing them. My wardrobe has taken a significant downturn since I stopped work. I no longer need to look presentable.

sweater - aero / cords - gap / tank - bluenotes

jacket - under armour / lace tank - samuel & co / tank - urban planet / jeans - gap.

-  it's the second week of classes tomorrow. I still have no books.
- I'm only now really recovered from drinking on Thursday. hangovers are not fun for me. therefore no outfit photos from the past few days. 
- my parents were supposed to go home today. Mom did, took the puppy, and my Dad is still in. He's on dialysis now, peritoneal, and it's not working right. off to the hospital with him tomorrow.
- we moved out some old crappy furniture from my shed and living room.
- and then boyfriend and I cleaned. that was not fun.
- my dog sheds like something fierce. she's going to linger here forever once she's gone. I could not remove all her fur from the carpet.
- I keep forgetting to participate in Project 52.
- had family supper thing yesterday at my Aunt's. we planned for 20, and had 9.
- birthdays always feel like they should be important but my expectations always get let down.
- speaking of, mine is tomorrow. I turn 21. I'm now legal in all countries.
- actually it's more like in a half hour. benefits of being the furthest point in North America; we get things first.
- that does not include spring however. it's still cold.

Yeah that's enough. I could continue complaining but I don't feel like it anymore. Hoping to get things back on track soon!

Til next time!

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