Monday, April 4, 2011

21. And a new laptop to begin the week.

So, my laptop has just about crapped out. I had taken enough OOTD pictures for two outfit posts. I did good last week! Anyways, turns out my laptop decided I shouldn't be posting yesterday. It stopped working on Saturday, when a trojan virus of some sort took over. Yeah, that was fun. Luckily my parents were in town, my mother calmed me down and we went looking for a new one. Bought it yesterday, ridiculously on sale and I picked it up today. HP dv6. I'm still getting used to the keyboard so the backspace button is getting lots of use.

Anyways here's a couple days from last week!

cardi - h&m / polo dress - aa / tights - walmart / shoes - clarks

 I am so in love with this polo dress. Like, so so in love. I bought it on sale online and I'm trying to get more, but all the colors are too pale. My current obsession with purple extends to all shades :) 

shirt - smart set / pants - mexx / cardi - old navy / shoes - clarks

A slightly more mediocre outfit, but comfy and work appropriate all the same. Same shoes, though they're buried in the snow. I have a hard time finding button-downs that fit, they're always too loose especially in the waist. Love this color of red too.

And off to fill myself with lemon pie! I love my mommy :)

Til next time!

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