Sunday, April 24, 2011

27. I think it's spring.

Finally another OOTD post. Blogger is not agreeing with me today so the formatting is probably off. I'm flying out tonight to NB to visit my aunt for a few days. Lots of shopping to be done! Maybe a haul post when I back...I will be going to H&M after all. 

So this is an outfit from my last week of work! I think this was Wednesday. It was so nice. I got a chance to wear my pink trench from Old Navy. So bright and happy. Will definitely be wearing this lots during the summer. 

trench - ON / cropped cardigan - stitches, 2007 / dress - samuel & co / belt - made by mom :) / flats - clarks

this one's just for fun. taking pictures in my driveway, pretty sure guy in mini was staring at the weird neighbour girl.

Here's a close-up. I'm caring less about the weird looks from people! Yay! I really love this dress, it's so simple and multifunctional. And it was on sale, and a gift. Always a good combination! Hoping to have another OOTD post up before I leave, blogging discreetly around family is not an easy task.

Til next time!

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