Wednesday, April 13, 2011

24. A little mix of everything

I love looking through link lists of other blogs. I have found so many wonderful things to read and see, that I figured I should do one every now and then. Being that I'm addicted to stumbleupon, I have many random things I love. I was thinking of just putting together random links, but I want to theme them. It's easier for me to organize this way, since I've got well over 200 stumbles favourited.

This week I'm focusing on hopeful and thoughtful and adorable and informative. Words that make your heart hurt or make you think. A lot of lists, I like reading those. Most of these are my stumbles with a few links from favourite bloggers thrown in. Take a minute to check them out, you won't be disappointed!


A couple of these annoy me, but interesting read nonetheless.

This one is pretty cheesy, but some of it's just so sweet.

So happy searching! Hope you like my compilation, I plan on doing it regularly. I fnd too much cool stuff to keep it to myself. Any links to share? Comment below!

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