Sunday, April 10, 2011

23. Following the norm.

A packed weekend. I'm still recovering so this is gonna be short. Too tired for words right now. Here's some outfits from earlier this week!

blazer - j.crew / tunic - unknown / leggings - dynamite
 This tunic is one of my favourites. I got it, I think, in Europe. But I don't remember where. I think it was France, on an EF trip. But it might have been Florida. It's foreign, anyways. I love the blazer in this, but I feel like something's off about it. It might be too long? I'm not sure.

cardi - tommy / shirt - f21 / mexx skirt / booties - naturalizer / scarf - old navy
A staple outfit for me. I took many other pictures which I mostly liked, but the tights and slim shirt combination gave me lots of lumps. You can see them in the right picture, but that was the best one. I love this skirt but it has the same problems as all pencil skirts do for me. I have to size up to fit my hips right, so there's gaping at the waist. Unhappy, but I wear and love them all the same.

Hoping my recovery goes well, partying is not so easy for me clearly. I feel old. An early night tonight.

Til next time!

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