Friday, March 4, 2011

Project 52: Week 9

So this week's theme is "Express Yourself". Pretty broad topic but really cool nonetheless. I finally took a picture within the time limits for the week! Excited about that. I got the boy involved on this one, went out around taking some pictures for fun. I love it when he's home, he's always warm to cuddle with which is good since winter is very very cold.

In other news, I've started on my work-report. Being on a co-op placement means I don't get evaluated on much, since I'm working all the time. The main piece of evaluating what my grades are going to be, and if I get promoted into the next term, is the report. It's chosen either by the student or the supervisor/manager to be completed. In my case, I lucked out pretty well. My manager chose the topic, set guidelines when I met with her recently, and I get time at work to write it. All in all, I'm coming out on topic. Only 30 pages between me and my next term, which I'm not looking forward to. More on the hell that's coming my way later. Block registration is going to get it's own special post once my schedule is figured out. I'm likely going to rip it a new one :) Now, on to the pretty!

Til next time!

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