Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9. One month.

I can't actually believe that I've had a blog for an entire month. I've kept at it for an entire month. My views are going up, I've got followers, and I keep finding all these new blogs that I love. The blogging community that I've had a chance to get to know seems pretty awesome so far. There's some things that I've noticed in my travels, and I just wanted to comment a bit on some of it.

Being a newbie, I've been introduced to many of the communities of the fashion/style blogging world, to name a few FBFF and IFB. I've gotten many messages from people encouraging me to visit their blog, leave comments or follow and we can exchange links. This practice is a great way for like-minded people to increase page views or gain new followers, but I wonder if getting readers just for the sake of having a big number is worth it. Views or followers just for the sake of having the highest stats seems like a contradition to what I think blogging has become.

IMO, having a blog should be a way to broadcast what you love and what you're thinking at any particular moment in time. It should be somewhere where you share your passions and talk about your ideas on whatever subject you choose to write on. It shouldn't matter if someone reads it or leaves a comment telling you they like some portion of what you've presented to make you keep blogging.

That being said, I think that some recognition is always nice to have. I'm so grateful that I've got people taking time out of their day to read my blog. I'd like to think that even if I didn't have readers I'd still be posting. I probably would, but knowing that someone is actually taking the time to look at what I've said makes it more real. It makes me feel like I might be making some small dent in the community as a whole. I try to make sure I comment on other blogs I find interesting, whether I agree or disagree with the content. Showing someone you've taken the time to read what they've said and voicing your opinion can have a big impact on people.

My other issue, what I'm having a little trouble with, is talking about myself all the time. I know, a blogger that doesn't want to talk about themselves. I hate how many times I say "I" in the run of a post. That's the point of having a blog, you share your opinions and hopes and dreams and whatever. Being an only child has given me a complex lately. I feel like I talk about myself too much. I've had conversations with friends, the older ones know me well enough that we have a balance. But the new friends I'm getting, I feel like I talk way too much! I know there has to be a back-and-forth in conversation and I think I'm getting worse at listening. This blogging thing might help since I can voice whatever I need to and get it out of my system. So for now, I'm working on it.

That's my snow-ice-rain day rant. I'll end it with the gratuitous picture of my pup. She doesn't care if I'm full of myself, as long as I scratch her belly. She's a dog, she's allowed to be selfish.

She's so lazy. I love my pup :)
Til next time!

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