Sunday, March 13, 2011

12. I should not be typing.

Because I am stubborn, and because I text too much and spend too much time on my laptop, I have a repetitive strain injury in my wrist. There's a lump on both of my wrists, the right one being worse than the left. For the past two days I've been dying with it, shooting pains right up to my elbow. Am I smart enough to put the Blackberry down and stop getting on my computer? Of course not. Oh the joys of being connected.

left photo: sweater - samuel&co / skirt - smart set / tights - walmart. 
right photo: cardi - samuel&co / dress - labels / boots - layless

scarf - old navy / cupcake shirt & tank - bluenotes / 1969 premium jeans - gap (so good!) / fluorspar necklace - gift

In other news, it's a lazy weekend for me. I get Monday off (yay long weekend!) so I'm taking advantage of watching movies and tv shows and lots of Netflix. I like that. Probably going to run some errands today and not be totally useless. Last week was a good clothes week for me. I wore skirts from Saturday past (the 5th) to Thursday. That's like almost a week. I did put jeans on after work depending on what I was doing, but that's a big stretch for me anyways! Monday's outfit was included in my last OOTD post, but it still counts. Also proud of the fact that I took pictures every day this week and used the tripod that I finally got. And realized today that my jewelry isn't really shown much, since I crop myself out of my OOTD. When I start doing them daily, or more than once a week at least, I'll be showing it off. It's all so pretty.

I really need to go now. My arm and wrist and hand keeps hurting. I need a strap for it or to just give up doing things that make it hurt. I'm not that smart apparently.

Til next time!

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