Tuesday, March 8, 2011

11. EBEW: Polka Dots!

I just about wrote polka spots in the title. Off day much?

Here's my story about the polka dots challenge: after careful consideration of my closet, I realized I had none. (I am an idiot, there were three polka-dotted things in there). I decided to venture out to my local shopping centers, because I am difficult and must look everywhere there is to find things. I'd already looked online but wasn't satisfied with just seeing one option.
I began at Old Navy. There were sales on, meaning I must be having a good day and of course I would find what I was looking for. I didn't. I found a couple of really cute shirts and a trench, but in my search for dots  found two super cute options that were not available in my size. These two below, from oldnavy.com

So, the dots. The cardigan was there, but in mint green with dots which doesn't work with my pale. And the gingham was there in a pink with dots, I swear, but there are no pictures of it anywhere! I'm doubting my sanity. So Old Navy was a bust.

I decided to try again the next day, after work. I found what I was looking for this time, but I didn't wear it today for fear of looking gigantic (it's flouncy around the hips). Didn't do a try on in ideal conditions so I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the shirt. If I do it'll probably be worn later this week so I'll post it on Sunday in my usual round-up. Anyways, luckily I looked through the closet again and found my go-to bright and happy skirt/dress. Here's the final outfit!  

dotted dress as skirt - h&m / black shirt - f21 / yellow tank - bluenotes / leggings - dynamite / booties - naturalizer / belt unknown

So, I didn't really manage to get polka dots as such, they're not uniform but I did get dots. And I got a few compliments on my dress/skirt. I've worn it like this a couple times and I just love it. The skirt is actually really swingy and full, but the intense wind (as seen whipping my hair around) made it stick to me. This skirt will be having a wide rotation this summer, so I'll show it off more then.

Can't wait to participate in another EBEW challenge/event! 

Til next time! 

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