Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 52: Week 5 & 6

Another week almost over! I love Thursdays.

Week 5: Muse. I think that because this is such a broad theme it makes it harder to pin down. I have many things that inspire me at many different times. Sometimes it's just the light that comes in through my window, or an outfit that I love, or the beautiful scenery of NL (when I can see it if it's not fogged in or snowing) or just wanting to take more pictures of the people I love. I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs and websites too. Stumbleupon is really great for checking out random photography. So here's one of my muses. My pup. I love herrrr.

Week 6: Words. I used to be so in love with words. I read all the time still but I actually wanted to work as a journalist for a while, then an English teacher, and I'd still love to be an editor.  My Mom really passed on a love of reading, as she was a teacher, and though I don't always get to read as many books as I want, I always read something. This is a quote from Pride & Prejudice? I've never read it actually, but always wanted to. And this quote is unbelievably sweet.

I'm almost caught up! Plan on taking Week 7 Picture tomorrow then finally I'll be on track! 

Til next time!

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