Monday, February 14, 2011

5. Valentine's

Though I love weekends home, I do not love getting stuck on the BP. The roads were closed yesterday just after we left to drive back. Spent the night at the hotel and got up early this morning to drive in. Now I've got more work to catch up on...yay : |

I can't really decide what my opinion of Valentine's Day is. I think it's just a commercial holiday but I like the idea of it anyways. And I love dressing up in pink clothes to show the spirit. I'm having a pink week. I think the worst part about it is having too much chocolate to eat, but I always get my hopes up for something amazing but when the day is just like any other I get a little let down. I've been brainwashed. Boo.

This was the weather on the way out, and the same on the way back today. But the squalls really sucked in between. 

I should be off, I haven't eaten supper and chocolates just don't suffice. More from Project 52 later this week!

Til next time!

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