Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7. Don't you want me?

I'm writing this as I watch Glee. LOVE.

In other news, I've felt like a fashion blogger for the past two days. I looked damn cute I think. And took a lot of inspiration from other blogs I've been seeing lately. I'm trying to put more effort into my outfits and put things together that I wouldn't necessarily do. Nothing special here, but it's a process.

Vero Moda jacket / boatneck J. Crew tee / F21 skinnys / LeChateau necklace


Old Navy ls tee / Dynamite cotton skirt / patterned scarf from street vendor (Florence)

These are from the past two days. I know the pictures aren't the best, both taken with the BlackBerry, but I'm trying to find somewhere to take pictures that don't suck. And the black jacket in the first apparently isn't as flattering as I thought. It is when belted, but not so much open like that.

The second has one of my favorite scarves. I bought it on an EF tour for my Mom actually, but I didn't really realize at the time she doesn't wear scarves. Oh well, score one for me! I wear scarves all the time. And one of my favorite things about the second outfit are the fishnets I'm wearing, which you can't see. Too bad I ripped a hole in the fishnets by the time I got to work. Which was about 20 minutes after I had put them on. I had to double up for modesty, as the skirt isn't overly long, and I felt like a sausage. Real snug, but I'll be able to wear tight dresses with those tights if necessary!

Off to pay attention to my show! What do you guys think?

Til next time!

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