Sunday, February 20, 2011

6. On the bright side, I'm half-done.

I was going to title this another I hate snow post, but that's getting a little repetitive. I hate it, everyone hates it. I actually shoveled with an Aunt and Uncle of mine for 2 hours. There was about 4 inches of ice, solid. Along with like a foot of snow. Hating this city and it's non-plowing. My street wasn't plowed til 3. It snowed last night. I need to stop complaining.

This used to be my backyard. Then it snowed. Goodbye fence.

Anyways, another weekend over. Tomorrow makes the start of my 8th week in this work term. Yay! I'm getting into dressing up at least a couple times a week and liking using all my pretty clothes. Here's my outfit from Friday, my first post with clothes. I tried getting a full length shot but I need a tripod, or maybe just to find a better spot to take pictures.

pink ruffled tank - j.crew / light blue cardigan - tommy, gifted / tan skinny belt - dominion / navy cords - gap ($13 on sale!)
 I wore my pretty grey suede shoes with this, but no pictures of them sadly. I feel so silly taking pictures of myself even though I want to document my outfits. I'm going to try to get at least a couple photos this week. Any advice from other bloggers on how to really get into posting? I think I'm kind of all over the place now, and I need some help! 

Til next time!

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