Tuesday, June 19, 2012

132. Stuck in her daydream.

tee - Zara / pants - Espirit / boots - Payless, not pictured / chain - gift from bestie.

Things I now love upon my return from Europe: Zara, Mango, all Spanish food, and Ed Sheeran. I listen to a lot of acoustic guitar drive music, mostly cute boys with cute songs, and my newest ginger love has taken me over. Saw him first at the Brits and didn't know who he was, then I googled and fell in love. Lego House is one of my favs, and the best done acoustically. SO GOOD.

Yeah that's not even touching the surface of my obsession. Heard him on the radio today and squealed. Yup. My life is tiny moments of ridiculous that turn out quite fun.

Til next time!

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