Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 94-96: Barcelona

The last stop of the midterm break; Barcelona. The only city, besides amusement park town, that I hadn't been to. Because I was so tired and so sick still, I really didn't get to see as much of it as I wanted to. I enjoyed it, but I'll definitely be going back to Spain to see more of the city.

We arrived late Sunday night and headed straight to bed to rest up for the day. I woke up Sunday morning feeling a little better, but not a whole lot. The girls headed back to the amusement park for another day, but I was happier staying and exploring Barcelona more. I met up with two of the girls who had split off in Rome, and the three of us took in some touristy sites.

The first stop was the MNAC, a local museum. One of the girls wanted to get up to the terrace of the museum to see the view, but once I got up there I insisted we go inside. It was pretty interesting, lots of different types of art that I don't typically see. There were a few church murals set up, that were actually removed from their original homes to be placed in the exhibits. Hard to explain but really awesome.

Next stop was the market, which ended up not being open. Katie and I got fast-food tapas, something I hadn't heard of but was more than eager to try. I had a fried egg and ham over thick salty fries. So tasty.

We dropped off at the hostel for a minute after lunch, and found D some lunch at McDonald's. Instead of taking the Metro to the Sagrada Familia, we decided to take the bus and go through the city. What ended up being completely the wrong stop and wrong direction turned out to be a really pretty park, the Park Guell designed by Gaudi. Once we got back to Harlow I learned it's pretty famous because of Gaudi's designs. It was trippy but gorgeous. We walked up the hill as far as you could go, without truly mountain climbing, and got another beautiful view of Barcelona. The tile work and mosaics throughout the park were beautiful, I definitely want to go back here!

Following the park, we got a little lost. I could see the church from the Park Guell, but it was a long walk. We walked through a pretty domestic part of the city, not touristy as shown by the closed shops and lack of cars. It was interesting to see the true city, and though we got a little off track we reached the church after about half an hour.

I stood there staring at the church for a while. It was ridiculous to see all of the detail on the church. Fruit, Christmas trees, and holy scenes were just a few of the sights on the massive church!

My most favourite meal of the trip happened that night. I had such good food, a full plate of Iberian ham, manchego cheese, a spanish tortilla, and tomato bread. And sangria. It was amazing and expensive, but totally worth it. I took pictures of both, but not after we attacked them! The night was kind of early other than that. We headed back to the hostel and had more sangria, before heading to bed.

The last day in Barcelona was a slow one. Some of the girls went on a walking tour, but I was even more beat out than previous days and just needed to rest. I explored a bit of the city and bought a couple more of my favourite cardigans, and an excellent pair of flats that I can't wait to show off. Not much else to tell unfortunately. We went to a popular tapas restaurant for supper, all 7 of us, but it was very underwhelming. All the other girls loved it, but without my plate of meat I wasn't as happy haha. It was an early night of packing before our flight home, with little sleep involved.

view from our room
view from my hostel bed.
And so ended our midterm break! The below picture was in the cab on our way to the airport, around 4AM. It was an early flight to make it back for studying purposes at Harlow, but I just slept on the flight and when we got back.

I probably wouldn't do the same trip again, but I will definitely visit those places again. Overall I really enjoyed the group I traveled with and the things we did, even if it was too rushed. I've only got a few more things to document from my travels. I have to actually accept the fact that it's over once it's blogged, you'll have to forgive my tardiness!

Til next time!

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