Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 86-87: Florence & Pisa

So! Next stop in our midterm break tour was Florence. Only an overnigth unfortunately, so I didn't see much more of Florence this time than I had previously. We arrived by train from Venice in the early afternoon, so it was warm and we had lots of of time to explore. We ventured out to find some of the sights of the city and found a little market to roam around first. The Accademia Gallery was nearby so we headed to see the actual David statue. I had seen the replica in the  Palazzo della Signoria before but the girls wanted to see the real thing.

The gallery wasn't very big, but the David was huge. No pictures allowed but I managed to snap one.

Following the gallery, we made it to one of the main squares with the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral. The line was too long and it was too close to Easter to bother going in. I actually still don't mind seeing all the churches, as odd as that may sound. We took some group pictures and got more gelato, then headed towards the River Duomo to see the Ponte Vecchio.

Being that it was a gorgeous day, we all took the chance to get more pictures along the Duomo. I love how pretty Florence is. We walked over to the Ponte Vecchio from there, and I understood why I hadn't shopped on it before.

After the walk around the bridge, we split off into groups. One of the girls wanted to see the Uffi gallery, and the others including myself wanted to shop. What can I say, I like a good bargain. More gelato and walking around happened after that, but myself and another of the girls called it quits early and headed back to the hostel.

We had supper at the hostel, and though it wasn't the best, the cheap wine that we could buy at the front desk was quite fun. 10 or so bottles between us I think was the total.

The next day was ind of uneventful, in that we didn't do much besides get the train. I didn't, anyways. Stayed back at the hostel while the girls found another tower to climb. Had to catch up on email and talking to friends. They also found something related to Jersey Shore, which I think is one of the dumber shows ever put on television. I was much happier talking to boyfriend for a while.

We got the train to Pisa in the early afternoon. It was just a stopover to see the leaning tower of course. I still didn't get a good picture of it, but that's what I get for being so good at taking everyone else's photos lol. Here's what I took of Pisa, and basically all I saw!

The train took us from there to Rome, about a 5 hour journey I think? Writing this a little rushed so I'm leaving out some details, I may fill them in tomorrow.

Off again to finish studying for my last exam!  More regular updates on the rest of midterm break soon!

Til next time!

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