Thursday, December 15, 2011

109. I'm feeling world-ly...

All I want to wear is this striped shirt. Really. It's so perfect with everything I own and I want like 6 more copies. I feel so...European in it. Especially in this outfit. Like I should be a world traveler. Maybe soon? And look, poof! My hair is back! Haha clearly an outfit from last week. I'm trying to learn how to style the short without looking like a mushroom before I post any more pictures lol.

scarf - gift / shirt -Zara / skinnies - F21 / boots - Steve Madden

Sometimes I wonder how much Blogger hates me! My pictures never line up right. Gah.

Anyways, I love being home! It's so good. There's not much to talk about now. All the gifts are under the tree, I've been lazing around so much and taking advantage of it. I tried helping my Dad with some of the Christmas lights and things today. We're both stubborn with somewhat little patience. I had to drive his giant Tacoma truck with a trailer on the back, then reverse it into the yard. I don't know how to drive large vehicles, since mine is compact and can be put anywhere. It made for an interesting afternoon if nothing else.

More decorating around the house tomorrow so I'm told. Santa is everywhere and it makes me so happy! I might just do a post of my favourite decorations. That would be so good. More outfits to come hopefully, once I start putting on real clothes again haha.

Til next time!

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