Friday, November 18, 2011

97. It's time to be thankful

Technically, I've already had my share of Thanksgiving (minus the turkey). But you know I am totally up for more pumpkin pie, or in my case the pumpkin bread I plan on making this weekend. I'm kind of on a baking spree, my famous choco-chip cookies and this Nutella swirl pound cake both happened out of boredom. More on that in a minute. In honour of the American Thanksgiving, I'm participating in this week's FBFF. Here are just some, because I probably can't remember everything, that I am thankful for in my life.

pumpkin breaddd

  • The smell of pumpkin and cinnamon in my house
  • People telling me I'm like my Mother for many reasons
  • Knowing I am like my Dad for his stubborn streak
  • When my parents come in town for not health reasons and I get to hang with them 
  • Being an only child
  • Being such a sook and loving them both so much that I tear up while I write this
  • My fat dog who makes me laugh and is always up for a quick cuddle
  • Being in my hometown
  • My Mom getting excited about the Christmas baking we'll be doing when I get home
  • Being really excited to bake all kinds of Christmas goodies
  • Having some of the best friends in the world
  • The good-morning text I get when I arrive at work from a best friend
  • Knowing there's only a month til she gets home and we can hang again! 
  • The skill of braiding my hair, learned from my Mom
  • Being able to sing and have people listen
  • Hearing a song for the first time and loving it
  • Coldplay/Damien Rice/Ray Lamontagne/The Fray/Keith Urban for making the best music ever
  • The ability to do what I want when I want to do it 
  • My health and the very minor issues that keep quiet
  • Yoga and how much it has changed my body so quickly
  • Exercising and feeling so good after
  • The ability to read
  • Buying Christmas gifts for people I love
  • My boyfriend of 4 years
  • His patience with me, and mine with him
  • near home
  • The knowledge that our problems are there but are not significant
  • The "in-laws" accepting me as one of their own
  • The chance to travel with Boyfriend's family, organized around my schedule
  • The best hairdresser in the world, who makes me feel so wonderful
  • My absolute best friend who is more like a sister
  • The rush of buying new pretty and awesome things
  • A great fitting pair of jeans
  • Looking and feeling great in an outfit
  • Having wonderful readers for my blog that I didn't think would last
  • The courage to stand up to people who treat me unfairly
  • Communication in all forms, so I can stay connected to my family
  • Being happy with myself, at least most days
  • The ability to laugh at myself when I'm being my most ridiculous
  • Still loving many things I did when I was little
Yeah I could go on. I keep thinking of new things so I may end up editing this as the day goes on. But for now there's a paper that needs an entirely new section and has a lot more editing left to be done. So for now, I hope you're all having a great Friday and have an awesome weekend!

Til next time!

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