Friday, August 26, 2011

59. And all that jazz!

What is it with my mind deciding to pick song lyrics? For anyone interested I'll be watching the musical Chicago tonight. Such a good movie.

Today's challenge day is jazz up your jeans. I do this for all jeans days when working (which I'll be doing soon!) I wasn't going to write up much for this outfit, but I'm in a good mood. I feel miniature today, like, really skinny. I don't know why. I am no smaller than I was yesterday. It may be a little shallow but I feel good damnit.

Sheer b&w top - Ross
Green tank - F21
Jeans - Gap

I think it's the belt. I've worn this shirt a few times before (and have had nice days on which it rained, like literally the last three times I wore it. so weird) but I've never belted it. I think this is a good option. A big ol' win for me, I'm finally catching up on the Challenge to blog on the right day. I hate leaving it too long, it just annoys me.

Not a bad outfit for an eye dilation, eh? Lucky I didn't post a picture of my pupils, you'd all run from your screens. I kinda looked like the devil. On the absolute bright side of things, my retinas are clear and smooth according to my optometrist, who I saw this morning. Nice to hear when I tend to worry about so much stuff. I like being reassured that I did the right thing and am right to want to get myself checked out (I may in fact be a slight hypochondriac, no biggie.) The important thing is I am only slightly a freak, and my eyes have no problems. Yay!

Til next time!

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