Tuesday, July 12, 2011

45. Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones / Turn into something beautiful

you'll have to excuse the self-captures today.
truest color of the tank

betcha didn't know I was basically a vampire, eh?
I sparkle in the sun, I swear :)

I really want to like the color yellow. Its so bright and happy and cheery. But, being as pale as I am it does not work with my complexion, or at least the majority of the shades. I'm working on incorporating more yellow into my wardrobe, even with accessories, but today I chose to use my singular yellow item (which coincidentally was also included in my first EBEW, but wasn't too visible). I got this just cause it was on sale, it's comfy, and I do really like the color. With my blonder hair as of recently, it looks considerably better on me than previous attempts at yellow. I'm going to go on a yellow hunt for maybe a skirt or scarf or purse? Definitely going to take some style advice from all of these lovely ladies participating in EBEW. Such a great event!

Check out everyone else at Everybody Everywear! There's some awesome takes on this bright color!

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

P.S. Shameless song reference in my title? Maybe. One of my favourite songs ever? Definitely.

Til next time!

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