Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion-Beauty Friend Friday: Spring Trends

As I began to write this post, I realized something: I am never up on trends.

I love style blogs and looking through magazines but I could not name a single trend for spring offhand (except florals, which doesn't really count because it's spring, duh). After some searching and some polyvore matching, I've found the best trends I am going to try to wear for the next four months! That is, if I ever see a temperature on the plus side again. We had one freak day earlier the week and today it's snowing again. I fear a prolonged winter. I don't want more cold.

Aren't they all dreamy? From top right;
  • Sheer Layers
  • Citrus colors
  • LBD
  • Florals
  • Lady-like/ballerina
That last skirt needs to be mine. I'm seriously loving pink right now but I think a bright blue dress would also be a lovely addition to my closet. I can't wait for summer and it's light fabrics and warm temperatures. Off to dream of beaches! Head over to Modly Chic to see everyone else's take on spring!

Til next time!

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