Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 52: Week 3 & 4

No ranting today, I think I'm getting a flu. Boo hiss on my immune system. Anyways, here's the Week 3 & 4 pictures, will possibly post again tonight if I don't go to sleep at like 5.

Week 3: Shades of Grey - A light on the shed in my backyard. I feel like I can see the cold looking at this. 

Week 4: Soothing Repetition - This may seem strange to some, but my Blackberry provides me with soothing repetition of knowing my boyfriend is safe. The communication and texting for me really calms me down and lets me know that he's okay. I use my phone to communicate with my parents too, but more on the calling side of things. Texting may be a little juvenile sometimes, but it really just keeps me sane.


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