Monday, October 22, 2012

143. Emotional states

I've got photos to edit, posts to publish, and yet school manages to get in the way again. Two papers of my own, an assignment, two midterms, and a group project since my last post. Along with the rest of the term papers (that I'm currently ignoring) that are going to plan my death for the end of November. You can understand my need to get away for a little while. The last post here was about the things I'm thankful for, but had a few cryptic points about the weekend I'd had. I'm mostly over those events even with the milestone that passed a few days ago. I was taking a little study break just a few minutes ago, reading another article from Thought Catalog, when one of the points in the article struck me as being so true.

This article has a lot of good points that make a lot of sense but one sentence in particular smacked me in the face. It's rather unsettling when words do that, but that's why I'm a words person. I like the power of them. Anyways, the quote goes like this:

Your passing emotional states can’t be trusted for measuring your self-worth or your position in life, but they are great at teaching you what it is you can’t let go of.
Now, this may just be me but that line holds a lot of significance for me. I have a tendency to rely on emotions and the fact that if I feel a certain way it means I'm weak. But no, it actually doesn't. It just means I have to accept there are some things I am not over or things I might continue to feel in certain situations. How I'm feeling will change many times in the run of a day. I'll realize again that this is a process that takes time.

Rant over, as I must get back to studying! Check out the article if you're interested, it's a good read. I've found some really interesting stuff on TC, it's worth a look. 

Til next time!

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