Monday, July 23, 2012

137. Spare time? What's that?

 cardi - Sisters / skirt - LOFT / sandals - Spring / sunglasses - Rims eyewear

Work and gym classes and homework are piling up on me again. It's almost that time in the work-term where my free time goes goodbye and I start editing my giant report. Only this time, since I'm actually working at an actual job that I actually like, I haven't got the report written. (did I say actually enough yet?)

I took these a couple weeks ago on one of the beautiful sunny days we've been having here in the city! My tripod mount is still on the missing list, and the sun in the back room doesn't make for the best lighting. I deal anyways, of course! Got this skirt on sale on my trip to Florida, I'm excited to try it out with more combinations. Maybe once work is over, I try to keep it tame around the office.

Off doing school work and trying to plan my life. It's not looking so good, but I'll get through!

Til next time!


Emmett Katherine said...

Yes free time, what is that?!

Love the skirt, perfect fun but take me seriously work piece :)

Sam said...

Haha it's getting to be a rare thing lately! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)