Wednesday, June 15, 2011

40. This is where I become a slacker.

I had many wants for this week. I wanted to start the Kendi-inspired 30x30 remix. I wanted to remember to wear my pretty lace top, or find something new, to participate in this month's EBEW. I wanted to have enough time to study everything for my midterms and keep on top of blogging. But you know how it is....

University, in my case, but whatever. It's all the same. Social life and blogging loses out this week. I've got a few posts to catch up on when tomorrow is over, last exam for this week. Midterm break is up next followed by another exam. The joys.

In other news, looking forward to seeing everyone's remixes! I love when a remix happens, so much blogging to read :) Speaking of reading, has anyone been reading mine? I've been posting more regularly lately, sans this week, but I feel like I'm going down in readers, definitely down in comments. I don't feel like that's the only important thing about blogging, but I'm feeling a little invisible. If you're out there, let me know!

Til next time!

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